Welcome to Reisaflyfish.com

Rouges, Designers, Ombudsman

Three separate but connected parts of the whole. Each design, product, or project, an opportunity to brake out of the insular box we have put our sport in. It is an opportunity to collaborate with many passionate people, companies, and avid outdoorsmen from growing industries that are just as stoked on what they are doing as we are. By cross-pollinating with more people we aim to represent fly fishing in a more positive light and bring awesome new products to our community.

Ofishally the best.

That is our goal.  It's not easy but it is a challenge we want to meet head on.  We learn as much from creative people in other disciplines as we do from our little community of zealots. By collaborating with and seeking out amazingly talented people from around the world, we know we bring better products to the water. From professors in aeronautics, PhD's in UCSD's materials science lab, wizard like metallurgists in remote enclaves, to architects and navy pilots, we are opening new corridors to further develop our industry.

We start all of our products with a simple five step process, a theory that is built upon what constitutes good design; at least according to our resident architect and fearless leader. Discover, design, plan, create, evaluate, repeat. It not only is a recipe for getting really fantastic results but it is a prescriptive road map that encourage innovation and steers clear of problems brought about by not breathing in the full nature of an idea. 

Crayfish? No, that fish cray!