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Welcome to Reisa Fly Fishing, home of our Collaborative Fly Goods.

There are few things in life that more elegantly combine science, art, design, nature, rhythm, reflection, joy, and the pursuit of perfection than fly fishing.

We share these metaphysical and physically demanding commonalities with other great sports: surfing, climbing, cycling, sailing, trekking.  Sports that pair man's spirit for adventure with the very ether of the world he was thrust into.  They refine our core being, pull deep parts of us to the surface, and set fire to our frailty.   

As the line unfurls and reflections flash across the ripples of the water, we often find ourselves carried away—transported if you will—and unified with the world around us.  Fly fishing brings out the poet in all of us...the rest you should watch out for.

Our Vision

Be Better

Offer better service, better products, better experiences, better attitudes, and a better philosophy of what this sport and our company is all about. 


Be Greener

It's easy to say you want a healthy planet, a more ecofriendly society. It's much harder to take the steps to be an active partner in that pursuit. We ambitiously shoulder the burden of making the hard choices and taking the steps required to be a company that represents those values.


Be Inspired

We learn as much from creative people in other disciplines as we do from our little community of zealots. By collaborating with and seeking out amazingly talented people from around the world, we know we will bring better products to the water. From PhD's in UCSD's materials lab, wizard like metallurgists in remote enclaves, to architects and navy pilots, we are opening new corridors to further develop our industry.


Be Bold

Endeavor to persevere—please see Josey Wales—we think that this precious sport of ours needs a little shake up and maybe a slap in the face. We aim to edit the way our sport is encapsulated. The appreciation of nature is innate in all of us, but it must be honed by a sage oracle...or in our case, a couple of screwballs that love the water. Instead of an insular community of water walking soothsayers, we want to bring a whole new generation of outdoorsmen into the fold.


Our Name:



Noun: An epic journey
Verb: To raise, to lift; To build; To begin
Origin: Old Norse Norn


About the name

In the wild, rugged lands of Northern Scotland—home to some of the world's premier salmon, wild brown, and sea trout—ruins of long gone Norse castles, great halls, canals, and cairns, dot the landscape.  A testament to a thirst for adventure, comradery, and the wild spirit of a people willing to jump in a wooden boat—a boat that was painstakingly designed to withstand that adventure—and sail thousands of miles without GPS.

As with many things in life it is such a fortuitous coincidence or possibly moirai, that in itself, the word Reisa so closely alludes to the preeminent moment in our sport known only as "the rise."