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Having a halibut time.

During the decade of our traveling twenties spent, fishing, surfing, diving, climbing, and roving to some of the most unique and remote places on earth, we have built quite an assortment of friends.  Guides, captains, boatman, packers, innkeepers and just generally people who love nothing more than making new friends and ensuring you have a fantastic time on your own adventure.  As such, we decided to start sharing those experiences and connection with our extended family, you.  Check back frequently as we start making arrangements to connect you guys with deals and with access to get you on the road.

Share and share alike.

Conversely, we are still out doing our thing and trying new locations and experiences around the world. If you have any great connections of your own that you feel are deserving to be featured or introduced to us let us know by emailing us at Viajes Seguros

Adventure with no danger is just Disneyworld.

There's something fishy about this.


Any fin is possible.


Sometimes it gets reely difficult.